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You cannot get out from there

New Orleans, La. The owner of a Harahan tobacco store has been arrested for allegedly bribing Harahan Police Chief in exchange for a liquor license. 26 year old Jihad Hatem Hamad of Gretna is facing federal charges public bribery and conspiracy to use a facility of interstate commerce, namely a telephone, to promote an unlawful activity.Hamad was arrested at his place of business, Harahan Cheap Smokes on Friday, June 22nd.

You cannot get out from there, so you need to find other alternatives. Here, sometimes employers don pay you and it hard, but it better than being in Mexico without a job and having debts. Researchers at the Workers Defense Project and the University of Texas at Austin put that Wholesale hockey Jerseys number even higher, finding that half of surveyed construction workers in Texas said they were undocumented..

Progressive Field is the home of the Cleveland Indians and it is located in downtown Cleveland. Along with Quicken Loans Arena, this stadium is part of the Gateway Sports and Entertainment Complex. The ballpark was originally known as Jacobs Field from 1994 until 2008 in honor of former Cleveland Indians team owners Richard and David Jacobs.

Lighting your patio properly is an important aspect as well. You wouldn’t want to be left in the dark while spending a night out on the deck with your loved one. While landscaping agencies charge a bomb for their lighting services (just a few odd shaped light balls can exceed your entire budget!), there are cheaper options to light up your patio..

We put this question to the test at our annual toy test for 15 children from the metro area. We took note of which toys held the attention within their designated age groups and which had crossover appeal. We also talked to parents to find out which ones they consider worth the money after observing their child playing with them..

But wait; there’s more! I received $5 in Beauty Bucks this week. I will also use this, and this purchase is going to float me up to $40 of the needed $50 to gain $5 more Beauty Bucks very soon. Look on your CVS phone app for any store coupon there. A multi faceted company whose products include bicycles, bicycle components and bicycle wear, Specialized has a long pedigree in competitive American cycling. The company introduces the 2010 Secteur, a road bike with race inspired geometry at an entry level price point. The bike features a stiff, lightweight Charcoal/Black aluminum frame and a drive train comprised of Shimano and Specialized components.

Snapchat introduces Spectacles video sunglasses

Snapchat introduces Spectacles video sunglasses

Snapchat is breaking into the fashion industry kind of. The company just revealed Spectacles: sunglasses that record video.

The glasses allow wearers to record their daily activities in first person. Like with the traditional phone app, the glasses record videos in 10 second increments.

Snapchat CEO, Evan Spiegel, told The Wall Street Journal the camera has a 115 degree angle lens, which is closer to the human eye natural field of view.

It also records circular video. So, rather than be optimized for the rectangular shape of a smartphone, the video is shaped more like what a person is actually seeing.

But that technology and the freedom to use both hands comes at a price; the glasses cost about $130.

That cheap jerseys is pretty cheap compared with Google smart glasses. Those lenses can cost more than $1,400 for the latest versions. It also worth noting that Google shut down commercial sales of Glass last year amid privacy and fashion concerns. Google Glass is now mostly sold for enterprise use, leaving Snapchat an opportunity to step in where Google failed.

Along with the glasses reveal, Spiegel announced a company rebrand. Now, Snapchat website reads Snap Inc., and the homepage says it a camera company.

This is the first piece of hardware from the company, and some say they believe this is just the beginning of a series of business ventures.

The glasses will be available in three colors. When asked about why he released the lenses now, Spiegel said the high tech spectacles were just for fun.

snack can smooth the flight

snack can smooth the flight

Dear Heloise: I want to recommend that readers always have a drink with them before boarding a plane. Usually the attendants will offer you a beverage, but on this last flight, we had turbulence on and off the whole time, and everybody had to remain in the seats, including the attendants. It was not a short flight, either. Once you go through security, you can purchase a drink and bring it on the flight with you, which now will be a must for me when flying. It makes it a little more comfortable, even if no food or drink can be served. Heloise

Dear Heloise: Can you tell me the best way to clean piano keys? Mine are looking a little dirty, and I want to keep them in good shape. Louise in Connecticut

Dear Louise: The way to clean piano keys differs depending on what kind of material the keys are made out of. If you have ivory keys (which a lot of older pianos have), they are fragile and need to be cleaned gently. Mix a cup of warm water with just a drop of gentle soap. Dampen a microfiber cloth with the mixture and wipe the keys, then wipe with a damp cloth and dry. Only do a few keys at a time, and don’t let any moisture drip down between the keys.

If the keys are plastic, you can use a mixture of vinegar and warm water. Again, dampen the cloth in the mixture and wipe the keys clean. Then wipe dry ASAP. Never use so much liquid that it drips between the keys. Vinegar is a wonderful household product to have on hand because it has so many different uses. I have shared my favorites in my vinegar pamphlet. Box 795001, San Antonio, TX 78279 5001. After a long day of chores, pat some apple cider vinegar on your hands to give them a boost. It’s also a cheap and safe window cleaner. Why waste money? Heloise

Dear Heloise: My husband has a rotating work schedule and is sometimes on the night shift. When this happens, it is just my son and me for dinner. One fun thing I do is have a picnic on the living room floor. We lay out a blanket and eat our meal while watching a cheap jerseys movie. He loves our “special” dinners, and I love our mother son time. A Reader in Texas

Dear Heloise: My father was smoking a lot. His doctor told him to quit. He threw away the cigarettes, only to “bum” one from a friend. He finally took a roll of duct tape and wrapped his pack of cigarettes over and over. It took a lot of work to get a cigarette. A Reader, Summertown, Tenn.